Our inspiration & knowledge since 2006 has led us to believe that the network between a person and vehicle is very personal & shouldn’t be loss of personal investment. We have the experience in the last 10 years that has opened a new wave of purchasing the vehicle, truck or working commercial vehicles that others simple lost or gave away. Our network consists of building out a reputation that has connected us all around the north eastern area of North America. Our marketing analysis team has researched that the state of Pennsylvania has full retail price rate of 35 percent over the national average. We are focused on local government sales, private estate sales, private lien release, bank repossession, and private national auction sales. In addition we connect you to the new vehicle of your choice in our lease to own option or brand new lease with no money down option & delivery service available to make all your needs a headache free experience. Our goal is to connect you with our inventory with the right price without searching for the financial capital burden needed to purchasing or leasing your new vehicle. An experience in auto buying that will change your way of capitalizing on your investment.

We are Auto Valley Group